Academic Excellence

Every child, without exception, must from his or her earliest years make a thorough study of the art of reading and writing, and according to his own tastes and inclinations and the degree of her or his capacity and powers, devote extreme diligence to the acquisition of learning beneficial arts and skills, various languages, speech, and contemporary technology.

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At the School of Nations, we believe that every student is unique. Our role as educators is to create a culture of learning where our students acquire the capability to discover their interests and capacities and then to develop them to the highest degree possible.

Excellence then is a measure of the diligence of a student’s effort. And this effort is encouraged in an atmosphere of cooperation, not of competition. Students learn that in working together they all achieve more significant results.

Students at School of Nations will be taught in English and offered an enhanced curriculum that will not only ensure their success in the Ethiopian education system but prepare them to further their education throughout the world if they so choose.