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School of Nations: A School of Moral Values and Ethics Program

At School of Nations, we are committed not only to the scholarly achievement of our students but also to the development of moral leadership and global citizenship.
The school has a unique program called “Virtues of the Week”. Every week students are encouraged to learn and apply one virtue to their daily life, backed by various stories, songs, and discussions.  These virtues include unity, love, sharing, obedience, kindness, etc. It is also taken as a subject. In addition to the moral capabilities, other principles the school upholds include:
  • All human beings are created noble
  • Consultation must be used to solve problems and to encourage full participation by staff and students in the life of the school
  • A central tenet is the “ Oneness of Humanity”
  • Science and moral values are two forces that must work in harmony to ensure the development of humankind, individually and collectively
  • Striving to hold a high moral standard of honesty, trustworthiness, chastity, service to others, deeds over words, and work as a form of worship.