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Welcome to School of Nations

Thank you for your interest in School of Nations.

At School of Nations, we believe every student is unique. The objective of education is to help students acquire the capability to discover their interests and capacities and then develop them to the highest degree possible.

We strive for our students to be critical thinkers and moral leaders who will make a positive change in the world. The educational principles of the school stand on three distinct but interrelated pillars: Academic excellence, moral leadership, and world citizenship.

Contrary to the old perception of children as empty vessels which have to be filled with the encyclopedic knowledge of the all-knowing teacher, we believe each child is like a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. So it is the duty of the school, teachers, parents, and society at large to bring out these gems that lie hidden in each child so that mankind can benefit from them. Hence, this philosophy shapes the way we think about education and our students.

We encourage that each child develops its unique capabilities and reward them. Honor cards are awarded to students who excel in each subject independently. This means that the students who excelled in music and the student who excelled in math are equally recognized. In this regard, excellence in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competition is encouraged. Students are also encouraged to participate in clubs of their interest.

Students are empowered with the sense of their dignity and worth and are taught to believe that their lives can make a difference. Students practice the virtue of the week throughout the year.  The program was a great tool in shaping the behavior of the students. This program adopts the principle of reward and punishment. Students with positive behavior are awarded coupons and can use them to buy different articles provided by the school. Negative behaviors are punished, by denying students from the things they like to do.

At School of Nations, you will quickly realize that community matters, and that our diversity is REAL and BEAUTIFUL. We highly encourage parents, students, teachers, and administrators to bring fresh perspectives and experiences. We need them and welcome them.

As an institution, we believe we are in the mode of learning. This means we act, reflect, learn, and plan, and act again.

We hope you join us and discover what School of Nations is all about.