School of Nations endeavors to help students develop the vast potentialities latent within them and who at the same time would dedicate themselves to the promotion of the welfare of society. We advocate for an educational system that equips students the demands of a changing world, which is moving rapidly towards an age of global citizenship. We train our students in capabilities and concepts that would enable them to be a lifelong learners and effective participants in society. We encourage collaboration, inquiry-based learning and reflection. In our approach to curriculum, we draw on insights from established theories, while engaging in a rigorous search for an educational content and methods that prepare our students to make a constructive contribution to a rapidly changing world. Some of our curricular materials have been developed through a process of action and reflection, resulting in programs that are attuned to our vision and the local context. We also draw on proven international programs of the School of Nations. The small size classrooms would allow us personalize and customize individual learning. Through project-based learning students will have a chance to take responsibility to their own learning. We look for more interactive round table kind of classroom settings that encourage self-expression and innovation. We are for a more technology focused classroom. Writing and reading, mathematics, science and the arts are all given due emphasis in the learning process