Student Award Ceremony

Student Award Ceremony – School of Nations

As part of the culture of encouragement to unleash the individual capacity of each student, the school has a custom of awarding students with Gold (above 95%) and Silver (above 90 %) for each subject of study. A student who may have a special interest in Science or languages, for example, may score high grade in that subject, which s/he shall
be awarded a certificate for.

To encourage collaboration over competition a classroom that has earned more Gold and Silver is awarded a special Trophy for the class. This Trophy rotates every term to which ever class has got more certificates.  This achievement encourages students to support each other. The Gold Class for the  Second Term is Grade 2B.

Special recongnition award is given to a single student that has achieved an overall high point for the term. Eliliy Seyoum a grade 4 student is awarded a special Golden Globe award for her repeated extra achievement.