Annual Art and Sports Day

School of Nations celebrated Sports and Arts Day on Thursday, 23rd of May, 2024. The event was filled with enthusiasm, with exhilarating competitions, which was hosted by the teachers and students. In addition to the active participation of the students from Grade 1-8, all the staff members also took part in different exciting competitions and games. Teachers and Students took part in competitions such as Running race, Football matches, Tug of war and sack race. The event was enlightened by mesmerizing music performance by the students and the arts department displayed different drawings and art pieces at the corridor, reflecting the amazing talents and creativity of our students. Finally, the day ended by rewarding the winners of the competition with certificates, medals and trophies. It was such a wonderful day, filled with excitement, competitions, group work and overall reflected the positive energy and collaboration of our school towards physical activities and maintaining fitness and good health.